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LMPD will discuss WL Derby in detail on Friday, April 29th from noon to 1 at the NIA Center located at 2900 W. Broadway in the 3rd floor conference room.

PLEASE NOTE a change on the meeting date this month to FRIDAY the 29th

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 Spring is in the air. Along with growth, new development and optimism. The West Louisville Business Association (WLBA) is pleased to announce the following developments in Western Louisville. Our signature project is with the property located at 18th and Broadway formerly the Phillip Morris facilily. The Mardrian Group, Inc. is the general contractor for this major project that will serve as the catalyst for the community at large. The YMCA will be the first to build and move to this location. Stay tuned for a greater things to come. Other development in the area include the Walgreen's at 35th and Broadway building a new location directly across the street from their current location. Louisville Central Community Center located at 12th and Muhammad Ali Blvd. LCCC is in the final stage of completing it's new offices and business center and incubator. If your looking for office space with a view and minutes from downtown this could be the place for you.(the Couriers report) The old Winn Dixie Property located at 2809 W. Broadway is being developed into a retail facility which will house two national chain stores City Trends and Dollar Deals. Advanced Auto Parts is moving in at 2428 W. Broadway formerly Block Buster Video. There is a new immediate care center located at Eighth and Broadway. The Co-Alliance of Business Associations has moved their offices into the NIA Center @ 29th and Broadway on the third floor. The Kentucky Center for African American Heritage located at 18th and Muhammad Ali Blvd is open for business. LCCC and the KCAAH are also great and beautiful places to host events with free parking. The Shawnee Library is still undergoing a major renovation and expansion project which is due to re-open this summer. The McDonald restaurants in the area have undergone major renovations. A Grocery Store is in the works in Park DuValle. The Shawnee Neighborhood Association will have their Grand Opening for the Christian Health Clinic in May. The Clinic is located in the French Plaza located at Amy and Market Streets. The West Market Street Revitialization Plan will dramatically change the streets and landscaping from 23rd to 41st once it is completed. We have a long way to go and this is a great start. Please stay tuned for additional information on economic development taking place in the Portland, Russell, Shipping Port, California, Park HIll, Chickasaw, Park DuValle and Parkland areas as well.
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This is a new series we will launch this summer. We have partnered with GLI, Louisville Metro Government, Metro Council, Congressman Yarmuth, State Senator Neal, State Representatives Owens and Meeks. We will send out weekly e-mail blast or post a link through this site to inform you of what our legislators are doing that effect your business and personal lives. When session is in we often get the reports daily. Our elected officials need to hear from us more often to better inform them of which way we would like for them to vote. Have you ever met your councilperson, congressman, senator or state representative? Other than your vote have you ever voiced your opinion? If you would like to be placed on the email list please forward your information to donna@westlouisvilleba.org.
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This is handled through our partnership with the West Jefferson County Community Task Force headed by Carl Hilton. This group meets the third Tuesday of each month at the NIA Center from 6-7 p.m. Several studies and soil samples have been taken in Elliott Park @ 28th and Broadway and in the Rubbertown area. In light of the last two accidents that have taken place recently we certainly need to be more informed and engaged. WJCCTF's mission is to provide research and studies to validate or nullify environmental concerns and issues of residents of West Jefferson County, to empower residents to make informed decisions. For more information please visit the site @ www.wjcctf.org or you may phone Carl @ 502-852-4609 or email him @ carl.hilton@insightbb.com. They welcome your concerns and participation.